CITY models

Having the choice of a motor gives you the option to ride while pedaling, move with the electric option only, or combine them together.


When talking about cycling with an eBike we talk about enjoyable exercise, easy movement in the city and cycling without getting tired!
Whether you decide to pedal, move on the electric motor only, or do both together, our e-bikes will not disappoint you.

KONA e-Bikes

With an efficient hub drive motor that makes every ride enjoyable, it’s an easy solution to a daily commute. Its step-through design and head-turning bold color is the perfect accessory for someone looking to enjoy their rides without the hassle of a tall top tube. Take it to brunch, to the park, or take it to work. The Coco HD is a game-changer for the stylish rider.


For the 2022 season we have managed to further improve our E-road range to offer our customers a high performance product that maintains all the qualities of a racing bicycle at the same time.

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