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What is a RIDEWRAP?

Our protection products offer protection from trail debris, shuttle abrasion, travel damage, and talent deficiencies. Protect your bike and your investment with RideWrap protection components so you can ride more and worry less.

Bike frame protection components provide a barrier between your bike and whatever the trail, travel, or storage troubles throw at it. They keep your bike looking fresh and protect the investment you make when purchasing a bike. RideWrap protection components take the abuse, so your bike doesn’t have to. 

RideWrap Bike frame protection products keep your bike looking fresh. They protect your frame and fork from damage.
Using RideWrap protection products increases the resale value of your bike by protecting it from scrapes, scratches, and regular wear and tear. RideWrap protection films make your bike easier to clean. The hydrophobic quality of the film sheds mud and speeds up wash time. Our bike frame protection gives you confidence to focus on the ride not the consequences. Charge harder, pedal further, and ride more knowing your bike is protected.
Now get out there, ride more and worry less.

RideWrap’s degrees of protection give you the option to pick the ideal level of protection for your bike and riding style.
All of our protection kits are made from RideWrap bike specific protection film. Our kits range from 30% – 95% coverage and protect your bike frame and fork from whatever the trails or roads throw at them.

All of RideWrap’s bike frame and fork protection products are DIY friendly. Our products come with everything you need to complete a successful at-home installation. RideWrap bike specific protection film comes with a 10-year warranty against yellowing. We developed RideWrap film specifically for use on bike frames and forks. RideWrap bike protection film is the ideal thickness for protecting bike frames and forks. It’s lightweight, enhances the bike frame’s finish, is self-healing, and superhydrophobic. These features give the best bike protection experience on the market.

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